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We have an album!

Ladies and Gentlemen!! We have an album! Some more editing and stuff to do, as for example finishing the cover, but almost there. 9 mixes out of 13 done or in progress, last 4 will be done shortly!

It’s been a long journey, lots of hard work. It took us 6 months (started on dec 19th 2013) to finish, we’re very proud of this record !!!! We will reveal the title and some samples in a couple of weeks
Here’s some videos from the recordingsessions

Ronnie Björnström, one of two guys mixing the album.

Update on the new album!

As of yesterday, our drummer Peter Hermansson finished all drumtracks for the new album. 13 songs down, we’re very proud, his best work to date we think!

We’ve also started to track some vocals and will be mixing the first songs in a few days. Still quite a lot of work to do!

We’re looking at some different ideas for the album cover and have a bit of a problem, we like several of them… The title and cover will be revealed a bit later on when we’re all done with the album..

Heavy X-mas

from all of us to all of tou

Heavy Christmas


Today we start the recordings of the new album. No title yet but we plan to release the album late spring 2014.
© Fotograf Göran Strand

220 Volt Photo Göran Strand


The last samples from reharsals, Firefall and The harder they come.


Another clip. This song is from the very first album. >> Musicplayer

I’m On Fire

Another sample of what we’ve been rehearsing! 🙂
Click the musicplayer!

Beat of a heart

We’ve recorded some stuff lately for rehearsal purposes. Here’s a bit of “Beat Of A Heart”. We’ll continue to release bits and pieces all the way up to the show next week.
Click the musicplayer to listen.



We’re finally launching our new website today, our new home!
We celebrate that by letting you have a pre-listen to our new single “One Good Reason” right here.
Official release to iTunes and Spotify and so on is still a couple of days away so listen now:)

In the coming weeks leading up to the show at the Storsjöyran festival, we’ll let you hear some of the stuff that we’ve recorded at rehearsals. We’ll only be posting these recordings here at the website. They will be posted a few days apart so check back.

More stuff will be added as we go along, hope you enjoy it!

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