Reviews – Walking in starlight

Underground Empire       (Deutch)

Eternal Terror  rate 6/6               (English)

Metal Forces Magazine   rate 8,5/10                 (English)   rate 9/10                  (English)  rate 9,6/10                 (Deutch)  rate 7/10                  (English)  rate 5/7                  (English)  rate 5/5                (Deutch)

mwiemetalblog  rate 8/10                (English)  rate 8/10                 (Deutch)  rate 8/10                 (Swedish)  rate 9/10                  (Deutch)

Power of Metal  rate 82/100                 (English)  rate 4/5                 (French)

Melodic Rock  rate 9/10                 (Italian)

Rock Garage Magazine  rate 7,5/10                (Deutch)  rate 8,5/10                (Deutch)  rate 70/100                (Spanish)

ViriAOR  rate 7/10                (Spanish)  rate 4/5                (Italian)  rate 7/10                (Italian)


Queens of Steel , Rate 8/10         (spanish)
many thanks to Mano for helping with the translation.

This band was formed 35 years ago, and the Swedes in 220 Volt are still together. September will see the release of their new studio album Walking In Starlight. It’s the bands first full studio album in 17 years, following Lethal Illusion from 1997.

The new album consists of 13 tracks, pure hard rock and heavy metal with lots of melody, a classic trademark of the band. On this new album, 220 Volt just hits you straight on, the songs have that ”feel” which is so charateristic, even if the years have passed, the band offers up catchy choruses, outstanding vocals, and really nice heavy guitars that any hardrocker is gonna like. All this played at a very high level of musicianship.

Not a whole lot of bands would be able to make the kind of comeback the band makes with Walking In Starlight, 17 years on.. So there’s nothing to think about, preorder your copy!!

Flight of Pegasus                             (greek)

thanks to Giorgos for helping out with the translation!

This is quite an amiable band since every decent vinyl collection should include at least a couple of their titles. It should also be noted that their name is one of the easiest to comprehend and remember in the entire hard rock genre. Moving forward, this group of fine musicians presents a new project which is sure to win you over. This album is the first in which singer Anders Engberg participates, an artist already having made his mark with Beyond Twilight, Lion’s Share and on several Therion live shows. It contains an ensemble of excellent tunes, which aptly combine the positive dynamism and melodicism of old school hard ‘n’ heavy. The composers’ intentions are crystal clear and the coziness and maturity is evident throughout the album as in the song “Alive” for example. It is definitely worth hearing their work since the mixing has been done by one of their old acquaintances Max Norman.