Spotify and Itunes

We’re extremely sorry to inform you that the digital release on iTunes and Spotify will be delayed for 10-14 days. It’s very disappointing and we wish we had received this info earlier, we just found out.

So at the moment the album is available on CD at for example , (ship within Europe) and (ship worldwide)

Walking in Starlight video

Here it is, the title and opening track of the new album.
Many thanks to Robin Goldman for shooting and editing the video, and to Göran Strand who also shot the cover photo of the album, thanks for letting us use your aurora and starlight movies for this video

Album teaser

New Video

The band is gathering up to shoot a new video this weekend. Peter and Anders, ready to rock.HermAnders

System Overload

So, the time has come to finally let you hear something from the new album.
This is System Overload. Fasten your seatbelts, turn it up really loud, here we go!
Please share it 😉


On Monday August 18, at noon (CET), we’ll release the first new track as a lyric video here on It’s a hard rocking piece of music, we can say that much.

Hope you’re looking forward to this as much as we do!

Releasedate Europe September 26

The new album, “Walking In Starlight”, is produced by the band and mixed by legendary producer Max Norman and up and coming Swedish producer Ronnie Björnström (also guitarist in Aeon).

The album contains 13 tracks and will be released in Europe through AOR/Metal Heaven on september 26th.
It’s an album full of classic hardrock and melodic metal, some modern touches and even some AOR-ish hints, says guitarist and founding member Mats Karlsson. We’ve tried to not be so predictable, stretched out a bit and let the songs lead the way. So some of the tracks are a little longer than we used to allow them to be before. First time we worked with a real string quartet also, which was great.

Since we don’t have a bassist in the band, we’ve had a couple of good friends come in and help us out with the bass parts, and it turned out great, says the other guitarist and founding member Thomas Drevin, Bass duties are handled by Johan Niemann (Evergrey, -ex Therion) and Lars Ericsson (The Summit). We also added some Hammond and various keyboards, mostly played by Mats’ brother Ulf Karlsson.

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cover photograph courtesy of our friend and great photographer Göran Strand.

Teasers are coming up soon

Max Norman

Max, who produced our Eye To Eye album, has something to say.. We’re really happy he took some time out to give you this info.

We have an album!

Ladies and Gentlemen!! We have an album! Some more editing and stuff to do, as for example finishing the cover, but almost there. 9 mixes out of 13 done or in progress, last 4 will be done shortly!

It’s been a long journey, lots of hard work. It took us 6 months (started on dec 19th 2013) to finish, we’re very proud of this record !!!! We will reveal the title and some samples in a couple of weeks
Here’s some videos from the recordingsessions

Ronnie Björnström, one of two guys mixing the album.

Update on the new album!

As of yesterday, our drummer Peter Hermansson finished all drumtracks for the new album. 13 songs down, we’re very proud, his best work to date we think!

We’ve also started to track some vocals and will be mixing the first songs in a few days. Still quite a lot of work to do!

We’re looking at some different ideas for the album cover and have a bit of a problem, we like several of them… The title and cover will be revealed a bit later on when we’re all done with the album..