Happy Midsummer’s to All of You!

We celebrate by releasing a new video, it’s all about passion…
be it a woman/man or music or a fast car…

You know when you’ve got a burning desire for something.. You’ve got a Burning Heart!


First stop 2015, Storlien

We can finally reveal 220 Volt’s first show 2015, march 14 th
with these great compadres, Jorn Lande, Corroded and Kee Marcello.
Hope to see you guys there!

Strolien mars2015

Happy Birthday Peter!



Due to a change of digital distributor,  Walking in starlight has been  temporarily removed from spotify.


New Video

Through the Wastelands
New video from the album Walking in Starlight.


We’re now on Instagram 🙂

Tomorrow Jan 1st we will release a new video from the Walking in Starlight album.


Peace & Love Festival

220 Volt confirmed for the classic  festival in Sweden July 2-4 2015.



Here’s a chance to win a (1) ticket and a pre show meet and greet with 220 Volt for The Beast of Rock Festival and a signed copy of Walking in Starlight. Check out the competition on our facebook.